Echoes in Darkness

Athame has a double-edge...

Chaos grips the city as it consumes itself with reckless abandon. Khuil’s wicked smile flashes across his face as he feels the bloodlust consume him. He begins firing into the horde of snipes that is currently wrecking havoc on the fortified gate. Red eyes stare at him right before he scores another direct hit killing another snipe. The bodies begin to burn from the acidic blood igniting the surrounding rubble. The smoke hurts his eyes, as he goes to equip his infrared specs he glimpses a humanoid figure scaling the gate. Throwing on his specs he confirms it is a humanoid with what appears to tentacles for legs and one arm. In a horrid shock, he beings unloading as many bullets and rockets he can at the figure approaching. He sees each hit on the infrared spraying that neon green blood across the rubble like a painter flinging paint on a canvas. Yet, with all the damage Khuil inflicts it doesn’t stop advancing, as it comes at him with blinding speed. Before he can make a break for the 4 foot thick tyrtinam door it grasps him around the throat and drags him eye level. It’s human hand rips off his specs so he can see the red eyes sunken deep it’s skull. Khuil tries to scream as he realizes it is Hamilton Alexander changed by the snipe meat. Hamilton seeing the shock on his face whispers “The ancients gave me the power to merge with the snipe spores I ate to raise myself to the next stage of human evolution. Thank you for giving me the power I deserve to rule them all. Now you die for your transgressions against my followers.” Hamilton hangs Khuil over the horde of snipe as they rip at his armour slowly melting his fur and skin from his bones as he flails about before Hamilton strikes the final blow ripping his head off right before he blacks out from the pain.

Khuil jerks awake in his flight seat as the ship rocks in jump space assuming we just missed a
gravity well. He smirks as he sees the whole gang in the close quarters of the troop transport ship they launched in with Chuck Finley earlier in the day. Athame was a relatively quick visit for the group. Recalling the riot and events leading up to their getaway he smirks and falls back into what he hopes is a dreamless sleep. The nightmares have been becoming more horrific each time he closes his eyes.

Earlier that day…..Upon making arrangements at the local T.A.S. on Athame Khuil and Kufo decide to go find some food since the transport’s rehydrated meat substitute was eatable barely. As Khuil and Kufo attempt to leave the lobby, Chuck Finley stops Khuil and tells him “there is going to be trouble in the streets tonight.” Blowing past Chuck with thoughts of meat he takes the warning with little thought.

On their way to the restaurant Khuil sees some of the cultist from the ship preaching and probably looking for Hat, the great light! He decides at that exact moment to potential inflict a fatal blow to the group that cause him to lose honor on Agea where they mind controlled him. Handing them a packet of meat, which he knows is laced with a deadly spore of some kind, asks them to feast with Hamiltion Alexander as for helping him become enlightened during their voyage here. Moving away to the restaurant the enter what can only be described as a hole in the wall noodle stand.

As Kufo and Khuil sit trying to eat what appears to be noodles with meat he explains that Chuck is a dangerous man. The last run in Chuck had an elite military unit around him and we can only assume they are going to be the trouble in streets he is referring to.

They sit and stakeout the lobby waiting to see if Chuck leaves, Khuil’s comm badge goes off. His first thought is “Damnit Hat I did not poison your food stash this week, and no I did not tell the cultist we were here.” Khuil hardly realizes that he is hearing Aslan on his comm badge asking who is watching them from across the street. The mysterious voice asks questions about Chuck and his intentions the only thing Khuil can do is explain what happened in the lobby. Surprisingly the mysterious voice invites them to the high class restaurant across to street to discuss this situation. With the drive of actual meat he decides to hear out the man. Khuil convinces Kufo to meet with the man. Kufo however is intrigued that he was able to hack my comm badge. With knowing nothing of that technology doesn’t see the skill involved as being that hard.

Upon entering the high scale restaurant they are greeted by who they believe is the mysterious voice. A puny looking human in all black. His outfit looking quite expensive has some intriguing reflective strips on it. Kufo explains it is for reflecting laser bolts. Khuil snickers and is pleased that he only uses slug rifles. Additionally he can’t help but stare at the man’s eye, only having one as it is, the other covering in an eye patch. Kufo being the more cordial one asks his name and how he hacked my badge. In a typical mercenary style he replies “It’s complicated” and moves to show us to a table.

Upon following him Kufo and Khuil agree to call him “Patches” until they find his real name.

Entering a private section we are introduced to “Lady Romanov”, an older noble woman whom seems to be the typical modest well dressed person one would expect to see at high society parties. Long braided hair and fierce eyes stare at him and politely command him to sit. Without much pause Lady Romanov starts to inquire about missing freighter ships. With a commanding female presence as this, Khuil’s nature is to tell her whatever she needs to hear. He explains the limited information that Xavier and Hat passed on from their dinner talks and dealings on Agea. While indulging himself with the meat robot on the table, the taste of real meat has inclined Khuil to tell this stranger everything he knows about Chuck and about their ragtag group. After dinner, Patches and Lady Romanov decide to go out the back of the restaurant to make their way to the T.A.S. to confront Chuck.

Entering the back alley Khuil picks up a faint noise which he cannot pinpoint but knows it does not sound good. Furthermore it is moving their direction. Informing Patches and Kufo of this unknown danger they start to move systematically to the lobby of the T.A.S. chuck has staked out a seat watching the street. Patches decides to talk to him as Khuil flanks him and stares at him trying to intimidate Chuck. Patches and Chuck start talking and through it all we find out that they are electing a member to the Council of Shadows, however that new member will be assassinated in the next few hours. With much digging Patches manages to get Chuck to divulge that stopping exports is a very expensive game that you pay with, with your life. Chuck just sits and waits for the riot that has been instigated.

As Lady Romanov and Patches go to their T.A.S. room to discuss options, Khuil sits and watches what appears to be a very amused and self satisfied Chuck. Chuck begins to countdown making Khuil uncomfortable, tensing as Chuck reaches one, Khuil draws his weapon with anticipation as the whole city goes dark. Chuck bidding adieu starts to leave, instantly Khuil knocks him back into his chair questioning him about his escape route off planet. Chuck informs him that he has passage on a ship that can get them off planet before the city decides to rip itself apart. Chuck informs Lady Romanov that the ship will be stopping at Krimnisky before making the jump to Agea and out of the Brotherhood of Knives. Khuil overhears Lady Romanov thanking Chuck as it will be fine since they are going to be heading to Synaro to investigate the missing ships.

Along the way to the space port it is dawning on them that the riot is quickly moving this way and the streets are getting dangerous. Smirking he looks at Patches who readied himself with a briefcase suit of armour, those mercenaries always have the gadgets. Khuil thinks if you are a true warrior why ever take off your sacred armour. Suddenly two street rioters jump out from the alley, before Khuil or Patches can get a shot off Chuck strikes them both down with his laser pistol. Amazed at the speed of the shot he thinks more cautiously of Chuck as a potential threat.

Upon reaching the space port, it is a loud roar of engines and people in panic trying to barter passage off the planet. One such group, the cultists, has decided to try to follow Hat to keep their great light safe. Khuil, knowing the oncoming massacre from the special package he gave them forces the cultists to scatter. Reaching the ship, and boarding the modified troop transport Khuil finds the rest of Chuck’s team already seated and prepping for a quick launch. Hurriedly Khuil and the others scramble for seats as he overhears Chuck re wager his bet “on the girl.”

Just as Khuil straps in the ship takes off with a most impressive speed, thinking this is definitely not a regulation human troop transport. After getting rocked around for almost 20 minutes, they reach their jump point. Once safely to into jump space the whole crew breaks for mess and a round of brandy for a riot well done. Throughout the course of dinner and ample drinking Lady Romanov finally lets Patches real name slip. Challo, can it really be him? Chuck awes in amazement that it certainly is and tries to outbid his lucrative contract with Lady Romanov. After some fun negotiations between Lady Romanov and Chuck, he finally gives up and slips up saying “What a fine group I assembled.” Sparking Khuil’s interest he presses what he means.

Chuck ,due to either the brandy or just stroking his own ego, tells us that he hacked Xavier’s posting on the job boards to get the initial team together. Furthermore, he explains that he hitched a ride with them to Gath cause it served his master’s purpose at the time. The finally nail in the coffin is that whomever was seeking him out to kill him has now targeted Xavier as being Chuck Finley. With this new knowledge, Khuil decides to try and get this cleared up, in the process chuck decides he will go with us to Synaro to help discover they whereabouts of these ships and to fake our deaths to clear out the scum trying to kill us. With that he retires to his quarters as we await our landing at Krimnisky…

Khuil’s eyes close slowly as he dozes off and sees nothing but blood splattering against a metallic wall…. hearing a whisper of “You ride to your glorious death….. but not a death of the body….oh no your minds are far more valuable to my master…..”


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