Echoes in Darkness

Brief overview of the session - SNIPES

After the Battle of the Nameless Farm had concluded, attention turned to the mysterious stasis unit in the barn that had been the object of so much speculation. What was inside? Sinister alien life forms? Contraband? Illegal weapons destined to be used in rebellion against the Imperium?

After careful examination of the controls and read outs, the truth was discovered: the so-called ‘bovine’ stasis unit in fact contained… a cow. Armed with this shocking – yet somehow also lame – knowledge, the party concluded that the entire planet was infested with a case of “nothing to see here”, and that the group would be best served by continuing its trip to the Brotherhood of Knives.

Returning to the spaceport, the group stopped off at the bar for a celebratory drink. After sharing observations on snipes and tainted meat with the bartender, an offer of a final meal of local burgers was declined, and the ship was boarded. In due course liftoff was achieved, and the journey continued.

After a lengthy flight – punctuated only by a refueling stop at an automated station – during which absolutely nothing of interest happened, the ship touched down on the world of Agea(?). Debarking the ship, the party was greeted by a scene vastly different than the previous stop. Whereas the last spaceport was in a rural area on a rural world, surrounded by rural homes and rural people, this was a densely populated, busy city. Dark, angular skyscrapers surrounded the spaceport. While impressive, there was a slight air of seediness and decay about them, as though the city’s best days were behind it.

An extensive discussion about next steps ensued. After about 20 minutes of no conclusion being reached, Phineas wandered off in search of food. Entering a conveniently located McYusupov’s, he picked up an order of fries, verified that he was only the 99,999,999,999,997th customer served (and thus ineligible for the prize of a lifetime supply of McYusupov Nuggets), and returned to the group to find the discussion still underway.

Eventually it was decided that Hat and Xavier would go to a computer shop to try to get more information about the strange computer chip, while the rest of the party would wait for them at a nearby diner. As the group separated, a passerby began to follow the pair to the computer shop. Noticing this, the duo split up, and after some basic maneuvers realized that Xavier was his target of interest.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group entered the diner, ordered some food, and began to observe their surroundings. The clientele was much like the city itself – slightly run down, with their best days behind them. The news on the screens wasn’t exactly censored, but neither was it particularly informative – cycling between local and interplanetary, but without any real content. The overall impression was of an unhappy society, with the officials doing their best to keep a lid on unrest – without being seen as obviously doing so.

After Hat and Xavier returned (without having learned any more about the chip, or their tail (whom they had lost)), the group decided to find the nearest TAS facility and get rooms. the building was located easily enough, in a shabbily undistinguished part of town. Entering, the party was greeted by a bare lobby, populated only by a pair of elevator doors. Taking the elevator up (the only place it would go), the group was deposited in a surprisingly luxurious and well-appointed reception area – completely out of character with the neighborhood. After obtaining rooms, a discussion ensued with the concierge as to where ‘supplies’ might be obtained – which resulted in a recommendation for ‘Interpawnitary Pawns’. The pawnshop turned out to be just that, although with a remarkably well-stocked back room. This back room produced not only an electronics sweeper, but a shoulder-launched weapon for (?). While these transactions were taking place, Phineas (who gets bored easily) wandered around the shop for a bit, and eventually outside. Heading down the side alley, Phineas eventually reached a point where he could see the back of the building – which turned out to be well-secured, with a couple of guards and an exceedingly well-constructed back door. Not wanting to do anything to attract attention, Phineas returned to the pawn shop through the front door.

Eventually all purchases were completed, and the group returned to the hotel. This time, the bare ground floor lobby was populated by a pair of goons, who were disinclined to allow the party to enter, although they were vague as to exactly why. Eventually the proper credentials were produced, and the party was allowed to enter the elevator and return to their rooms.


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