Echoes in Darkness

Completing the Extraction

On the street our adventurers approached a building and heard voices.
Rav listened at the door and heard voices. Challo used remote vision and identified human targets, one with a rocket launcher and one pacing.

The team voted to storm in like a small swat team with Challo remaining outside and taking aim. The team interrogates the group inside who they find out are offworld civilians. They leave them alone as a Snipe stealthily runs down the street at Challo finding itself exploded in mid stride once it reaches 6 meters. The group then decides that maybe it would be best to hussle and begins moving with conviction through the city to their target.

They find the target building and see that it has been barricaded and slightly fortified. Our adventurers decide it’s best to try a window rather than the barricaded door. They go around to one of the “T” junctions for the interior hallway and find that the window has already been broken from the outside and the barricade within has been demolished with red blood stains near the broken glass.

While wandering through the hallway the party made a radio call and received back a very static filled response. All they could gather was that the soldiers were on the fifth floor under fire from snipes. While running up the stairs the party found one of the snipes hanging over the stairwell taking shots. After Rav heroically took a shot to the chest the group removed the threat and made their way to the fifth floor landing. Upon opening the door the group was met with two large snipes and began tactically removing the threat. After a brief exchange of fire the party met with the soldiers they were tasked with evacuating. Unfortunately there were only three survivors.

Three soldiers had been carted off by snipes within the last half hour, but the team decides that the time is too long and that they are probably lost and begin heading back to the ship with the three survivors. On the Street they notice a snipe off in the distance that seems to be speaking in a robotic voice into what may be a radio. The party tells Challo to shoot it, and he does so. Immediately after the party comes under fire from the windows of nearby buildings and Challo takes a pretty solid shot.

Carlos takes out the snipes in the window and the party double times it to the ship which has been refueled during their absence. Challo immediately goes to sleep, exhausted from previous psionic activity.

Upon take-off the crew notice something strange on sensors. There is an old Brotherhood of Knives ship nearby and it is hailing them. They ready to fire but open the comms to speak. On screen is a snipe with it’s tentacles around a humans head. The human is talking. “SUBMIT TECHNICAL TWO-LEGS OR FACE IMMEDIATE DECOMPRESSION AND BOARDING. WARNING PERIOD EXPIRES AT A SHORT YET UNSPECIFIED DURATION”

Khuil replies with “Open Fire”
Carlos begins taking aim on the Snipe piloted ship. With a well placed shot the enemy ship is blown to space bits! With this, our people return to Chuck Finley’s ship and we break till the next session.


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