Echoes in Darkness

Eggplant is Murasaki!

Alarms sound waking Khuil from a peaceful sleep for once. Yet this is not a bad alarm it signals the impending doom of the Imperium. His huiha, or clan, always suspected the Imperium would be weak if they had to fight a 2 front war. Khuil smiles wickedly and whispers “Athame was just the beginning my friends….. you do not know what I bring for you now.” He pats a small cylinder strapped to his leg, his latest mission. Khuil wonders what it will be like eating at the once Imperium ran capital his clan leader eating all the meat with his faithful Khuil seated by his right. Khuil straps on his armor as he prepares for the assault. Tyu’eas calls me his “instrument of change” I like be called “Kyaors” means “on the wings of death” the troops tend to respect that name. The drop ship lands he leads his small unit into the capital dawning bio hazard masks. The rattling of metal on concrete makes such a sweet sound followed by a small pop as the gas swirls into the main air intake for the palace. Khuil grins wickedly with a blood lust in his eyes thinking “If they thought snipes were bad they wont know what hit them here.”

Khuil wakes from his sleep by a jerk of the ship, Kufo informs him sleepily “out of jump space lets go hit up the bridge.” They meet Phineas and Challo in the corridor and they all proceed to the bridge. They round the corner to see the captain and George yelling, Khuil and Kufo over hear them say that they are several million km off course with two alien warships closing in and fast. Kufo and Khuil don’t even have to speak to each other as they realize what this means. They block the doorway, since escape in the docking ship is their only way out, and they will be first to it.

A static burst on the comm from the approaching vessels relays “Give us your cargo or you will be destroyed.” Phineas out of diplomatic futility tries to communicate with the aliens to no avail. Challo informs the captain that we are leaving in the docking ship with our without him right now! In the most stupid of maritime traditions the captain and security officer decide to stay with the ship. The only smart one was the navigator who left with us for the refueling station. Upon un docking the two alien warships start to dock and Khuil hopes the worst for the security officer.

Nothing is worse than a backwater doctor, Clyde if Khuil understood his idiotic accent, met us when we landed. Thankfully, no one took any wounds during the metallic spider battle. I am sure they would of rather wanted to shoot themselves than be seen by this man. Yet, Challo was interested to have this spider leg trophy scanned to see what sort of metal it was. However, to Khuil’s delight the spider leg broke the scanner as it sliced into it. Guess that thing is really sharp.

Kufo per Clyde seeks out Jethro who supposedly has the ship schedule for this station. Kufo reports back that we have a week before the first ship arrives. The options are a cargo hauler going back the way we came to Sinoro or a diplomatic ship going further into the brotherhood. With much debate among the group the cargo ship is in favor. No reason to go further in when we know the ships are potentially being hijacked by dimensional spiders with warship escorts. At least that is the current Hat conspiracy theory floating around.

The waiting for the ship really passes without incident, Kufo practices stealthing around trying to scare Clyde every chance he gets. Since Challo is fixing Clyde’s medical scanner not much for him to do. Finally, our ship arrives carrying a cargo of vegetables heading into Imperium space. The sight of them just makes Khuil want to kill something, he only tolerates the smell because he wants to get off this freaking refueling station. All eyes are on the scanners as we depart, nothing remains of the cargo ship or the alien craft, another mystery that undoubtedly our crew will be blamed for.

Jumping to Sinoro, with everyone on edge, goes fine until we land to refuel. Martial Law has been declared in the brotherhood from Athame. Challo looking into the source finds out that there was a blast on Athame, which we knew about from Chuck Finley. Yet, there has been talks of a biological attack as well resulting in creature, that we know of as Snipes, over running the capitol. The ships captain informs us that if we off board we will be searched and have our weapons taken away. Khuil with his custom armor and weapons. With hearing this information Hat goes into a frenzy and he burns his hat as we all guessed in a fit of rage. It was just a hat Hat… After passing the search of the ship they were looking for anything biological. We spend the next few weeks jumping through the brotherhood watching the destruction ravage the sector. Khuil wickedly grins at this news and secretly relays it to his home clan. Tyu’eas will be happy of this ill tidings.

Finally, we jump into the Imperium after seeing wave after wave of ships filled with all branches of service of the military. Challo anxiously leaves the ship looking for a weapon smith, he wants a spider leg sword. If the leg is as sharp as it seems it could be a formidable blade. Onward to the next leg of this motley crew.


kingfrog368 Tyranouis

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