Echoes in Darkness

Non-Euclidean Geometry

Ask and thou shalt receive...even if it's not what you really wanted.

After receiving some basic equipment and retrieving Connor’s scout ship, Rav, Bradshaw, Connor, and Khuil head out to the red-zone system to rescue the targets that Chuck has specified. The mission goals are to rescue three individuals, gain access to the research notes on the space station, and then destroy the research notes so that the station’s research cannot be continued. The group decides to come in on a stealth approach, coming in from the far side of the planet. Two of the targets are supposed to be on the ground-side prison, while the doctor target is on the space station in orbit. While on approach, Bradshaw reaches ahead with his psychic senses and attempts to probe for the prison facility. He gets nailed by a psychic backlash hard enough for him to start bleeding from his nose and ears. Bradshaw pulls himself together, and he and Connor push out a cloud-mind field to keep the approach as un-noticed as possible.

The group lands at the location of the prison facility. They find that the prison is underground, with a single security entrance on the surface. The security door is cracked open, allowing the team to access the facility without much effort. It becomes obvious from the large number of bodies that most, if not all the people in the facility are dead. The prison guard bodies are in Imperial prison guard uniforms, and are mixed in with the prisoner bodies. Rav takes photos of the IDs of a couple of the guards. Connor manages to access the facilities computer systems, and goes through the security footage. It appears that individuals in prison uniforms deactivated the security, and made off with a bunch of the prisoners, leaving the remaining guards and prisoners to wipe each other out. It looks like periodically the orbital station would make requests for experimentation subjects from the prison, who would send a load of prisoners up periodically. Our two targets appear to have been a part of these requests. Connor pulls the orbital station blueprints from the prison computer, along with as many of the prison logs as he can.

The party leaves the prison, and heads up in the ship towards the station. Upon reaching visual range, the party gets a nasty shock. The station is far bigger, and has a far different structure, than what is outlined in the blueprints the prison had on file. Fortunately, the station does not appear to be armed, and does not hit the ship with active sensors on approach. The party docks the ship at a docking port in the station’s hanger ring, and enters the station through a docking tube. As they enter, a computer voice welcomes the team to a Blue Suns research facility.

The group moves from the hanger ring to the main residential block, entering the admin section. The team decides to hit the section labeled Medical and Research first, on the assumption that the doctor is there. This route requires the team to move through a park section. As they do so, the team is approached by humans who have glowing blue eyes. Without much warning, the people in the part go hostile, and a fight ensues. The team fights off the attack, though Bradshaw take a bit of a beating in the process.

The team makes it to the door only to find it sealed. Upon hitting the doorbell, someone answers via intercom. After a short, strange conversation, the person on the other end warns us that we will soon learn exactly what is going on in the station. At this point, the team is again attacked by a pack of blue-eyed humans. Rav, Khuil, and Bradshaw defend the door while Connor gets it unsealed. The team enters the medical section and closes the door.

The party explores the initial portion of the medical wing. The team find a rooms with medical equipment, bodies in various states of “dis-assembly”, and in one room, what appears to be a large coffin-like container with glowing blue symbols. Rav takes multiple pictures of this structure. At this point, Bradshaw starts getting psychic sensations from another entity, one that feels like they’re trapped in a box. Bradshaw and Connor also use their psychic abilities to probe the immediate area, finding that there are a large number of entities on the other side of the door of this room.

Connor and Khuil quickly concoct a gas bomb using the medical chemicals in the room. They then set up just beyond Rav as he opens the door, intending to take a quick peak outside to view the group outside. As Rav opens the door, he almost gets pulled outside by the large number of blue-eyed humans lurking outside the door! Khuil quickly gasses the opposition with the bomb, giving Rav enough time to pull back. Since the party had taken the precaution of sealing their vac suits, they suffer no real effects from the bomb. Unfortunately, the opposition is still active after the bomb, and comes in after the group. Bradshaw, Connor, and Rav cut down as many of the opposition as they can, while Khuil crafts a flame bomb out of more medical chemicals Unfortunately, he does too good of a job, and the extra-powerful bomb threatens to go off in his hand. The team high-tails it out of the room and Khuil then firebombs the room, using the coffin as a target since it sits on a table in the center of the room. As the explosion hits, Bradshaw gets another psychic message from the entity he was feeling earlier, indicating that the entity, styling itself “Daevanam Daeva”, has been released from its confinement.

Once the fire and smoke have decreased to the point where it is safe, the party moves back into the room. They find the opposition dead, and the box shattered. Moving through the room and the following hall, the team enters the next section of the medical area working their way past another sealed door. There, they find all three of the rescue targets, who fortunately had a chance to seal themselves in at the beginning of the strange events that took over the station. After a quick introduction and the retrieval of the doctor’s research notes, the team exits the medical wing.

The team steps out of the medical wing to find themselves…not in the park where they were expecting to be. The station no longer seems to be connecting together the way it should be. Bradshaw gets another psychic impression from the entity, which indicates that the entity is now trapped on the station itself. After some trial and error travel, the team luckily lands itself in the admin wing they entered before. The team takes the opportunity to pull the station’s logs and take a look at some of the security camera footage. They make the unpleasant discovery via camera that the remaining blue-eyed people are in the process of merging themselves into one grotesque entity. The party finds itself in a frightening situation, surrounded by unearthly enemies on a station that no longer conforms to real-worth geometry.


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