Echoes in Darkness


While in the Admin office the group notices a lift. Khuil and Connor decide to send a coffee mug down and use the cameras to make sure that the mug reaches its intended destination. When the lift doors open at the next level the mug is gone. Kuil and Connor start walking back to regroup, when they walk under an archway and appear in the Secondary Reactor section. While comming Rav to tell the group where they are a pair of zombies appear in the Admin. Carlos and Rav take care of them, business as usual.

In the Secondary Reactor section Connor decides to ty and teleport Khuil and himself through a locked door into the Engineering Room. Teleporting through the door instead of walking through seemed to work. Khuil and Connor look around the room for anything they may be able to use to get back to ship. After not finding anything they decide to try to have Connor teleport them through each doorway until they reach the lift in the section. When they are one room away they are sent to sent to separate random rooms in the section. Khuil tries to walk through the doorway to join Connor when he appears in a familiar park.

After hearing of some of the success that Connor has had with teleporting he decides to try and teleport the group in the admin office to the ship. He believes that Since he has been to the ship before he can visualize it and teleport there successfully. Success!

Meanwhile in the park, Khuil sees the the giant golem type amalgamation of zombies. Khuil makes the wise solution to sneak away and reach the door that the group had opened once before. Connor comms Khuil, and asks where he is. Connor says, “Stay where you I am coming to you and then we are meeting the goup on the ship.” Khuil then sees Connor show up several feet from him and attracting the attention of the golem. Khuil takes a shoot at the golem to distract it. Connor runs over and concentrates on the ship, Khuil takes another shot and golem. They start to hear, “I AM THE DAEV…” Khuil and Connor show up on the ship. The group can see the exhaustion on Bradshaw and Connor. After a bit of group discussion, they decide that Connor should try to use Psi-vision and then Psi-Move to cause a chain reaction to disable the station.

Connor uses Psi-vision, sees a Blue Eye, and hears “I SEE YOU” at a deafening volume. Connor then passes out.


kingfrog368 Yutorio

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