Echoes in Darkness

What's Mined is Mine (pt 5.1)

"...and then we went camping."

As our intrepid adventurers make their way back to the compound, their vacation plans on Gath have changed significantly. No more thoughts of waterslides, expensive dinners, and crazy nights about town with exotic Gathy women. Many cultures value the concept of a vehicle without a roof, but few value a rear window blown out by a high-powered gauss rifle…

Greg was alerted to situation post-haste on their arrival to their living quarters. While waiting for the all-mighty security team (consisting of one person) for protection they contacted their communications network (also consisting of one person) and asked for an update.
Their communications network, Frank, didn’t have much to report. After signaling the station to go into lockdown, he concluded that the code probably wasn’t of Imperium origin but didn’t have much else to go on.

Greg finally arrived as our heroes finished their traditional Gathian meals of Meat™, Breadish Thing™, and I Can’t Believe It Looks Like Water!™ After hearing of the incident at the mine, Greg mentioned that Gathians getting a T10 paper-cutter was bad enough, but if it got out that BIG inadvertently gave them Gauss Rifles, there would be no way to avoid treaty violations. His own inventory consisted of 2 gauss rifles and a sign saying, “No means no!”

As the discussion with Greg was getting to the good parts (the parts about the compound being a death trap if the Gathians decided to attack), Frank paged back. While monitoring Gathian signals, something with a tremendous electromagnetic field began to block the waves. The source of this disturbance seemed to have a signature akin to a fusion generator and was located underground approximatly½ the distance between both mines (1.5-2 km down). Another odd thing about the signal was that it was produced in a location 2 km closer to the city than was necessary. He was able to confirm, however, that the “audit” team did arrive at the other mine, 50 minutes away.

Despite all the security that one man with two gauss rifles and a poster can provide, the group decided it was time to stay somewhere else for the night. The BIG compound was not much of a shelter if the Gathian miners decided to blow it to pieces. It did, however, have a neat key-card system preventing door-to-door salesmen.
Before they were left, Greg promised to let Jason know of the discovery. He also advised they look for something under their left, rear wheel. Upon finding a tracking device, Hat decided to place the tracker on some unsuspecting gathian vehicle.

They drove to the mine and did some brief scouting. The ship was there, but not much else was visible. Since it was getting late they built a campsite ~π miles from the compound.
It was dead by the time they arrived to the mining compound the next morning. The shuttle seemed to be abandoned in a hurry, but the front door was open. It seemed as if they were coming back quickly, but never actually did.

The administrative building was their next stop. The front door seemed suspicious, so they scouted out the windows into the building and ended up breaking in to see what happened.

…continued later on…


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