Echoes in Darkness

Completing the Extraction

On the street our adventurers approached a building and heard voices.
Rav listened at the door and heard voices. Challo used remote vision and identified human targets, one with a rocket launcher and one pacing.

The team voted to storm in like a small swat team with Challo remaining outside and taking aim. The team interrogates the group inside who they find out are offworld civilians. They leave them alone as a Snipe stealthily runs down the street at Challo finding itself exploded in mid stride once it reaches 6 meters. The group then decides that maybe it would be best to hussle and begins moving with conviction through the city to their target.

They find the target building and see that it has been barricaded and slightly fortified. Our adventurers decide it’s best to try a window rather than the barricaded door. They go around to one of the “T” junctions for the interior hallway and find that the window has already been broken from the outside and the barricade within has been demolished with red blood stains near the broken glass.

While wandering through the hallway the party made a radio call and received back a very static filled response. All they could gather was that the soldiers were on the fifth floor under fire from snipes. While running up the stairs the party found one of the snipes hanging over the stairwell taking shots. After Rav heroically took a shot to the chest the group removed the threat and made their way to the fifth floor landing. Upon opening the door the group was met with two large snipes and began tactically removing the threat. After a brief exchange of fire the party met with the soldiers they were tasked with evacuating. Unfortunately there were only three survivors.

Three soldiers had been carted off by snipes within the last half hour, but the team decides that the time is too long and that they are probably lost and begin heading back to the ship with the three survivors. On the Street they notice a snipe off in the distance that seems to be speaking in a robotic voice into what may be a radio. The party tells Challo to shoot it, and he does so. Immediately after the party comes under fire from the windows of nearby buildings and Challo takes a pretty solid shot.

Carlos takes out the snipes in the window and the party double times it to the ship which has been refueled during their absence. Challo immediately goes to sleep, exhausted from previous psionic activity.

Upon take-off the crew notice something strange on sensors. There is an old Brotherhood of Knives ship nearby and it is hailing them. They ready to fire but open the comms to speak. On screen is a snipe with it’s tentacles around a humans head. The human is talking. “SUBMIT TECHNICAL TWO-LEGS OR FACE IMMEDIATE DECOMPRESSION AND BOARDING. WARNING PERIOD EXPIRES AT A SHORT YET UNSPECIFIED DURATION”

Khuil replies with “Open Fire”
Carlos begins taking aim on the Snipe piloted ship. With a well placed shot the enemy ship is blown to space bits! With this, our people return to Chuck Finley’s ship and we break till the next session.

Combat on Sardis!

After escaping from the station, our intrepid band of mercenaries made its way back to Chuck’s ship. After reporting the details of the zombies, the non-Euclidian geometry of the station, and the mysterious presence, it was agreed that not actually destroying the station was probably the right call. Rescued logs and research data were turned over, the new rescues/recruits (Dr. Batz and Carlos) were officially signed on to the team, and a new mission was assigned.
This assignment was to locate and extract a six-man corporate security team from a dangerous situation on Sardis, a planet near Brotherhood of Knives space. Due to technological developments in spaceship drive technology, Sardis had been rapidly developing from a primitive backworld into a more modern world serving as a gateway to the Brotherhood. This new access caught the attention of a number of megacorps, who were jockeying for position against each other…hence the need for security teams. This particular security team had fallen out of contact, possibly due to hostile activity by snipes, which had been been reported in the area.
After receiving information that should allow our merry band to contact the security team once they arrived at the planet, the team set off on its two-week journey to Sardis. After an uneventful journey during which plans were formed, discussed, and just as quickly discarded, the ship popped out of hyperspace on target. Almost immediately, a debris field was noticed nearby. Diverting course from the standard approach to the planet, it was determined that the wreckage from from combat operations, and seemed to consist mostly of cargo ships, fighter craft, and some elderly Brotherhood cruisers. No survivors were located, and no additional evidence as to what happened was found, so the team moved on.
Approaching the planet, it was quickly determined that communications were nearly completely out – nothing other than scattered and broken broadcasts could be heard. Switching to optical sensors, the team realized that much of the planet was now a war zone…combat was taking place in cities, fires were uncontrolled, and missiles were fired at any aircraft that came in range. After identifying a safe parking orbit, an attempt was made to use the procedures provided by Chuck to contact the ground team…an attempt which failed when the ship’s transmitter blew out. After some furious work by Bradshaw, however, communications were repaired, and contact with the surface team was made. As it turned out, their location had been overrun by snipe forces and was now behind enemy lines. After discussion with the five survivors of the team, combined with some recon from orbit, a suitable landing location was identified that was only a couple of miles from the team’s hideout. The previous aerial pickup plan was discarded in favor of a landing, followed by a vehicular extraction of the team to the ship, followed by a quick getaway to space.
On the way down, a surface-to-air missile was fired at the ship, but missed wildly. The team quickly identified the landing site, and set down next to a fuel depot…necessary to get the ship back to space and on the way home. After some discussion about the best way to rig fuel transfer lines, Bradshaw stood up, said “Here, hold my beer”, and proceeded to close his eyes and assumed an appearance of great concentration. After some period of time, during which Carlos quietly drained the beer, Bradshaw opened his eyes and announced that he could not in fact use the power of his mind to transfer the fuel, and that lines would have to be rigged after all. A disgruntled Bradshaw was left to contemplate his now-empty beer can, while several other team members began rigging lines and initiating the fuel transfer process.



While in the Admin office the group notices a lift. Khuil and Connor decide to send a coffee mug down and use the cameras to make sure that the mug reaches its intended destination. When the lift doors open at the next level the mug is gone. Kuil and Connor start walking back to regroup, when they walk under an archway and appear in the Secondary Reactor section. While comming Rav to tell the group where they are a pair of zombies appear in the Admin. Carlos and Rav take care of them, business as usual.

In the Secondary Reactor section Connor decides to ty and teleport Khuil and himself through a locked door into the Engineering Room. Teleporting through the door instead of walking through seemed to work. Khuil and Connor look around the room for anything they may be able to use to get back to ship. After not finding anything they decide to try to have Connor teleport them through each doorway until they reach the lift in the section. When they are one room away they are sent to sent to separate random rooms in the section. Khuil tries to walk through the doorway to join Connor when he appears in a familiar park.

After hearing of some of the success that Connor has had with teleporting he decides to try and teleport the group in the admin office to the ship. He believes that Since he has been to the ship before he can visualize it and teleport there successfully. Success!

Meanwhile in the park, Khuil sees the the giant golem type amalgamation of zombies. Khuil makes the wise solution to sneak away and reach the door that the group had opened once before. Connor comms Khuil, and asks where he is. Connor says, “Stay where you I am coming to you and then we are meeting the goup on the ship.” Khuil then sees Connor show up several feet from him and attracting the attention of the golem. Khuil takes a shoot at the golem to distract it. Connor runs over and concentrates on the ship, Khuil takes another shot and golem. They start to hear, “I AM THE DAEV…” Khuil and Connor show up on the ship. The group can see the exhaustion on Bradshaw and Connor. After a bit of group discussion, they decide that Connor should try to use Psi-vision and then Psi-Move to cause a chain reaction to disable the station.

Connor uses Psi-vision, sees a Blue Eye, and hears “I SEE YOU” at a deafening volume. Connor then passes out.

Non-Euclidean Geometry
Ask and thou shalt receive...even if it's not what you really wanted.

After receiving some basic equipment and retrieving Connor’s scout ship, Rav, Bradshaw, Connor, and Khuil head out to the red-zone system to rescue the targets that Chuck has specified. The mission goals are to rescue three individuals, gain access to the research notes on the space station, and then destroy the research notes so that the station’s research cannot be continued. The group decides to come in on a stealth approach, coming in from the far side of the planet. Two of the targets are supposed to be on the ground-side prison, while the doctor target is on the space station in orbit. While on approach, Bradshaw reaches ahead with his psychic senses and attempts to probe for the prison facility. He gets nailed by a psychic backlash hard enough for him to start bleeding from his nose and ears. Bradshaw pulls himself together, and he and Connor push out a cloud-mind field to keep the approach as un-noticed as possible.

The group lands at the location of the prison facility. They find that the prison is underground, with a single security entrance on the surface. The security door is cracked open, allowing the team to access the facility without much effort. It becomes obvious from the large number of bodies that most, if not all the people in the facility are dead. The prison guard bodies are in Imperial prison guard uniforms, and are mixed in with the prisoner bodies. Rav takes photos of the IDs of a couple of the guards. Connor manages to access the facilities computer systems, and goes through the security footage. It appears that individuals in prison uniforms deactivated the security, and made off with a bunch of the prisoners, leaving the remaining guards and prisoners to wipe each other out. It looks like periodically the orbital station would make requests for experimentation subjects from the prison, who would send a load of prisoners up periodically. Our two targets appear to have been a part of these requests. Connor pulls the orbital station blueprints from the prison computer, along with as many of the prison logs as he can.

The party leaves the prison, and heads up in the ship towards the station. Upon reaching visual range, the party gets a nasty shock. The station is far bigger, and has a far different structure, than what is outlined in the blueprints the prison had on file. Fortunately, the station does not appear to be armed, and does not hit the ship with active sensors on approach. The party docks the ship at a docking port in the station’s hanger ring, and enters the station through a docking tube. As they enter, a computer voice welcomes the team to a Blue Suns research facility.

The group moves from the hanger ring to the main residential block, entering the admin section. The team decides to hit the section labeled Medical and Research first, on the assumption that the doctor is there. This route requires the team to move through a park section. As they do so, the team is approached by humans who have glowing blue eyes. Without much warning, the people in the part go hostile, and a fight ensues. The team fights off the attack, though Bradshaw take a bit of a beating in the process.

The team makes it to the door only to find it sealed. Upon hitting the doorbell, someone answers via intercom. After a short, strange conversation, the person on the other end warns us that we will soon learn exactly what is going on in the station. At this point, the team is again attacked by a pack of blue-eyed humans. Rav, Khuil, and Bradshaw defend the door while Connor gets it unsealed. The team enters the medical section and closes the door.

The party explores the initial portion of the medical wing. The team find a rooms with medical equipment, bodies in various states of “dis-assembly”, and in one room, what appears to be a large coffin-like container with glowing blue symbols. Rav takes multiple pictures of this structure. At this point, Bradshaw starts getting psychic sensations from another entity, one that feels like they’re trapped in a box. Bradshaw and Connor also use their psychic abilities to probe the immediate area, finding that there are a large number of entities on the other side of the door of this room.

Connor and Khuil quickly concoct a gas bomb using the medical chemicals in the room. They then set up just beyond Rav as he opens the door, intending to take a quick peak outside to view the group outside. As Rav opens the door, he almost gets pulled outside by the large number of blue-eyed humans lurking outside the door! Khuil quickly gasses the opposition with the bomb, giving Rav enough time to pull back. Since the party had taken the precaution of sealing their vac suits, they suffer no real effects from the bomb. Unfortunately, the opposition is still active after the bomb, and comes in after the group. Bradshaw, Connor, and Rav cut down as many of the opposition as they can, while Khuil crafts a flame bomb out of more medical chemicals Unfortunately, he does too good of a job, and the extra-powerful bomb threatens to go off in his hand. The team high-tails it out of the room and Khuil then firebombs the room, using the coffin as a target since it sits on a table in the center of the room. As the explosion hits, Bradshaw gets another psychic message from the entity he was feeling earlier, indicating that the entity, styling itself “Daevanam Daeva”, has been released from its confinement.

Once the fire and smoke have decreased to the point where it is safe, the party moves back into the room. They find the opposition dead, and the box shattered. Moving through the room and the following hall, the team enters the next section of the medical area working their way past another sealed door. There, they find all three of the rescue targets, who fortunately had a chance to seal themselves in at the beginning of the strange events that took over the station. After a quick introduction and the retrieval of the doctor’s research notes, the team exits the medical wing.

The team steps out of the medical wing to find themselves…not in the park where they were expecting to be. The station no longer seems to be connecting together the way it should be. Bradshaw gets another psychic impression from the entity, which indicates that the entity is now trapped on the station itself. After some trial and error travel, the team luckily lands itself in the admin wing they entered before. The team takes the opportunity to pull the station’s logs and take a look at some of the security camera footage. They make the unpleasant discovery via camera that the remaining blue-eyed people are in the process of merging themselves into one grotesque entity. The party finds itself in a frightening situation, surrounded by unearthly enemies on a station that no longer conforms to real-worth geometry.

The first rule of Chuck's Hammer is "You do not talk about Chuck's Hammer"

Khuil stirred in his bunk as his comm badge buzzed on the floor waking him from a most gruesome dream. It was Rav saying he had setup a high profile job and needed a trusted marine to watch his back on this one. A marine never turns down a fellow marine so he agreed to the job. Turns out to be simple, Rav and him plus one other marine are to meet up at Dac Arkanus spaceport, ship called “Highwind”, supposedly they are running protection for precious cargo.

Upon further investigation by Rav, Khuil chuckled since he always did his homework, found out that it was part of “Project Hellig Sti” Rav indicated it must be a black on black operation and to just take more than the ususal precautions. Rav had a knack of knowing when to be on guard and when to unleash hell. That insticnt alone had saved Khuil many of times along his travels in the trenches of Imperium warfare. Khuil looked at his chrono, in 17 hours it would be go and his services would once again be needed.

Dac Arkanus what a crummy place, but I guess that is what black ops means these days. Khuil looked at the ships on the registry. Highwind was at docking bay 94. Reaching the bay doors a shady figure was lurking about seemingly waiting for Khuil. Khuil could tell he was human just from the scent, a gloved hand flashed a pistol from under a cloak. Grinning he flashed his own pistol and was allowed to enter the docking bay. Once inside the cloaked figure dropped his hood and to his amazement it was Bradshaw. Khuil at least knew from the pistol that it was a trusted associate. He had several pistols made with custom engravings for “trusted” friends. The only sort of trust that is earned on the battlefield.

They enter the ship to find Rav talking with whom Khuil assumes is the owner of this vessel. Rav introduces Khuil and Bradshaw, both being more of the not caring side of social, nod their heads and takes their places on the ship. 15 minutes into pre-flight checks there is an audible boom, surprisingly sounds like someone just blew in the docking bay door.

Before Khuil could grasp what was going on Bradshaw flew at Connor and knocked him out cold. Without any pause Bradshaw starts to search the cockpit. Khuil knowing better than to get involved, Rav however questioned him as to why he just struck him. As Bradshaw began to explain that Connor had an important symbol a concussive blast rocked the door of the ship. Confusion ran across Bradshaws face as he had rigged the docking bay door as a distraction and means of no escape for Connor. Suddenly the room went white with a loud ringing in Khuil’s ears. By the time he had his bearings all of crew was bounded and being dragged out of the vessel. To his surprise the unit’s leader addressed Bradshaw as “Agent Challo” and started to read off a list of crimes that he and his team had committed over the last few years.

At least the super max prison had a decent meat substitute. Remoth, had been quite unbearable, a farming Aslan world that his father was banished to. No meat for the banished, a perfect way to punish an Aslan Khuil had always thought. A buzzer went off sounding the end of chow, Khuil snapped back to this reality and moved out into the recreation area. Being that it was artificially lighted with no visible ports to the outside world, it was a crude attempt at some glimpse of hope. Thankfully, this gave him time to meet with the other guys to pass along any intel for the day. While it seemed highly unlikely that escape would be possible, what else is an inmate going to think about.

Challo and Connor were off at one end of the rec room when Khuil entered. Rav was close by subtly watching the 4 guards movements along with the other inmate in the room. Khuil did observe as well that this other inmate “Prisoner 12” was muttering to himself as he made his way back to his cell. Rav and Khuil both look back at the other pair and suddenly Challo turns and stares in the direction of the mess hall. A grave look goes across his face as explosion rocks the rec room.

High yield for sure as they all see that two of the guards have been buried under rubble and soil. The emergency lighting gives off a faint orange glow to the room, Khuil turns to scan for the other guards and he sees on across the room just slump over. He hears Rav talk to the other guard distracting him, Khuil moves to slam his dew claw into his neck but stumbles and catches it in his shoulder. The guard slumps over suddenly like a rag doll. Not knowing what happened to him and not caring Rav starts to take the body armor. Connor has done the same, and started to drag the guard towards the mess hall door. Meeting up Challo informs us he needs to get to the refrigerator in the kitchen. Not questioning Challo’s intentions of going to the fridge, Khuil helps drag the guard and the door hisses open. The group makes its way into the fridge and Challo makes a dash to a box labeled “Relish”. Disgusting stuff relish, Khuil thinks as he watches Challo move the box. To everyone’s surprise there is a hidden switch which opens up a door out the fridge leading up.

Cautiously they move up a few flights of stairs, Khuil estimates they were close to 200 feet below ground. Upon reaching the top they come to a man standing there like he has been waiting for 15 minutes too long. “Not what I expected…..” were the first words out of his mouth. Khuil sized him up, he appeared to be a confident man, more businesslike than killer. He introduces himself as Chuck, and right away lists off Challo, Connor and Khuil as knowing their talents. He proceeds to “interview” Rav and once done decides to offer us a job. Khuil without hearing any specifics accepts and walks on ship. If accepting a job means a ride off this hell hole place he would take that trade any day. It appears the rest of the group had the same inclination and gets on board.

The following week is rather uneventful. Khuil tries to get some detail out of Chuck but he keeps responding with “Once we land, you will receive more details.” A few hours later the ship lands and Chuck hands out Imperium credit ident cards to his new crew. They follow him to another docked ship, a 400 ton ship named “Pravendyy Molotka.”

As fast as the crew got on board they were off again. Once they were in jump space Chuck started to spill the details of what exactly the job is they all agreed upon. Chuck reveals his full name is “Vladislav Nikodim’vich” he was looking to add new skills. Chuck owns and operates a loosely licensed mercenary company, Chuck’s Hammers.
Chuck’s proposition is that he will provide standard set of equipment, board, and pay for the jobs as needed. Chuck was adamant that to be part of his company we just have to follow some simple rules.

Rules of the Road for Chuck’s Hammer

1) The Hammer’s business is the Hammer’s business, and no-one else’s. We don’t discuss it outside.
2) We don’t leave our people behind. Ever.
3) Our contract is our law. We will fulfill our contracts unless I say otherwise. Don’t worry – I’ll have a good reason if I do.
4) We each have our role, and we will fulfill it to the best of our ability. We must be able to trust in each other.

Once hearing the rules the group confirmed they could live by that rule set. Heck, Imperium Marine Corps rules make this look more like guidelines Khuil thought. Challo was interested where the company currently stood and what enemies it had acquired.

The current top hitters are:

Bismark, Romanov, Artemis, Branif conglomerate
Brotherhood of Knives: Due to a bio weapon incident.
Blue Sun Research Group: Chuck’s former associates cause many incidents.

The Mega Corps do not know much about this group yet as we are informed.

Chuck informed us our next job, a Blue Sun facility is running illegal experiments. They are making psionist with super strength but with a decided lack of control of those abilities. His previous team had ran into this by chance and ended up losing a member because is it. We are here to pick up where they left off.

Chuck has tracked them to a secret facility on a red zone planet. Our mission is to capture records of the research, rescue an incarcerated doctor, and then render the facility un-usable. The research facility is more like a high security prison from what Chuck can tell us.

Before we all get going Connor decides to track down the “Highwind” his previous ship as we all left things on the ship that we need to retrieve before hitting this high stakes mission.

In which fewer than four people show up

We will have to see whether I spend any more time working on the campaign. For the moment, no further episodes are scheduled.

Exploration Omnibus
In our last few episodes....

The group experiments a bit with the mysterious supercomputer on the bottom floor of the exploration ship. The experiments come to an abrupt end when a re-cabling activity results in the supercomputer activating the device in the fuel section of the ship, which appears to be a second jump drive. After coming a hair’s breadth from finding out what happens when a jump occurs on a planetary surface, the team decides to table the experiments, for now.

The ship jumps the next leg of the journey, which places the ship on a planet in the Kingdom of Corath. Upon landing, Rav, Phineas, Lady Romanoff, and Challo leave the ship. On his way off the ship himself, Xavier is approached by a Blue Suns rep. The Blue Suns rep requests that he be let onto the ship to take possession of some Blue Suns property. Thanks to Xaviers lack of a pre-entry screening, the Blue Suns rep comes on board to take possession of the property…Kufo and Hat.

Kufo gets captured by the Blue Suns rep and his team. Fortunately. Hat is able to monitor the situation from a distance with his drones, and then sneaks into Engineering to cut the power to all the doors. Even more fortunately, Khuil shows up to terminate the Blue Suns rep and his escorts…with extreme prejudice.

Meanwhile, Lady Romanoff and Challo make the unpleasant discovery that the Lady’s homicidal cousin know where she is, and is sending someone out to “protect” her. The Lady and Challo disengage from this conversation just as a warning comes in from the ship, alerting the advance team to the events occurring on the ship.

After re-gathering on the ship, the group decides that discretion is the better part of valor, and expedite the fueling of their ship, with the bodies of the slain still on board. However, a private security team enters the hanger shooting, and the group is forced to lift off early, with only enough fuel for a single jump.

On the way out of the system, the ship is intercepting by two local police cutters. The cutters wish to board to verify Blue Suns reports of Blue Suns slaves aboard, the Kingdom legally recognizing slavery. Hat and Kufo come to the realization that their employment contracts with the Blue Suns corp for the exploration mission proves that they aren’t slaves. They go over to the police cutters with the contracts, and after an examination, the ship is allowed to reach the system.

The ship makes its one jump into the Maya subsector, once again landing to refuel. While there, the group scopes out the local rumors. One of the rumors they pick up on is that there is apparently a secret resort area for the fabulously rich somewhere within the general vicinity. The group decides to take a little time off from its journey, and does some investigation on station. They find that one of the ships in the spaceport seems to be fielding crewmen with some very high-quality uniforms, and with a little prodding, are able to discover from these crewmen the location of a system within easy jump distance. The ship heads out to the indicated system. Upon entering, the group detects a several uninhabitable planets, as well as a large, metallic object. Upon further inspection, the object is a large ship apparently designed to be a mobile starport. The group decides to go ahead and dock. Since this is supposed to be an area for the rich, Lady Romanoff, Challo, and Phineas are the only ones to initially disembark, as they are the only ones with the wardrobe to pull the required look off. The trio head to the bridge, which is set up as an expanded bar. The starport ship moves off, heading to a large asteroid nearby.

Kufo picks up a disturbing report in the standard news exchange in the area. Kufo, Hat, and Xavier are the subject of a wanted aid, in regards to the Blue Suns “property” incident that occurred back in the Kingdom of Corath. Even worse, it appear that Lady Romanoff’s cousin is the one circulating the notice, with a promise of a substantial reward.

Phineas, Challo, and the Lady disembark onto the asteroid. There they find that the asteroid is devoted to the lifestyles (legal and not) of the rich and famous. They decide that the first stop will be to check out one of the bloodsport arenas. However, the trio finds that they’ve walked into a trap. They spot someone looking like the Lady’s cousin at the arena, and the next arena fight is between a hardened fighter and an acquaintance of Lady Romanoff. The resulting fight is fatal to the acquaintance.

Challo quickly ascertains that the Lady’s cousin is on her way back to the starport ship, which has moved off from the asteroid. There is a shuttle service that connects the asteroid with the starport ship, and the cousin has taken the next flight, leaving the trio on the asteroid. Challo calls in an ambush request to the group still on the starport ship.

Unfortunately, the team back on the ship has it’s own problem. Kufo discovers that the feed for one of the cameras on the lower deck of the Blue Suns exploration ship has been set into a footage loop. Kufo and Rav do a quick sweep of the lower deck, and find that the supercomputer panel has been opened, most of the indicator lights on the computer are red, and there is a nearby floor panel that has been disturbed. Prying open the panel, the duo find a passageway straight to the fuel storage area. Rav takes a quick peek into the storage area, but is unable to see anything out of the ordinary. At this point, most of the main ship systems go offline, the gravity fluctuates, and the lights go to emergency lighting only. The team on the ship then move to start setting up the ambush. Kufo lightly-encrypts the main computer, to make it harder for a saboteur to do much damage.

It is at this point that the shuttle carrying the cousin back to the starport ship explodes! The group on the exploration ship detects an object that moves away from the shuttle before it explodes. Kufo attempts to bring the ship’s main systems online, but instead manages to shut them down the rest of the way, which traps the main group onboard the ship. Rav about brains himself trying to open the doors manually. The trio onboard the asteroid hide in a bordello, hoping to keep themselves hidden long enough for the main team to restart the ship and come out to rescue them.

Back to the Exploration Ship Part III: The Search for More Inconsistentcies
What evil lurks in the heart of the ship-that-is-totally-not-a-deathtrap-in-disguise?

Taking the discoveries of the group last session and running with them, Rav begins his own investigation into the hidden nature of the exploration ship the group is crewing. He examines the blueprints stored in the ship’s computer, and with a little work, discovers a fairly large problem with the dimensions listed. The blueprints list a top-to-bottom ship height that is shorter by a significant amount from the actual ship height. The difference works out to about 18 inches per deck. The team begins searching for the missing ship space, by starting at the top, and measuring the height of each deck….

Whenever Clint actually updates it....
Exploration Ship Acquired! Tally Ho!
In this dramatic(ish) two-session episode, jobs are acquired, ships inspected, and infiltrators chased!

After the group’s adventure on [insert name of Lady Romanov’s ship], the group has arrived at [insert name of imperium planet]. There, the team uses Hat’s TAS cards to acquire lodgings. After a brief resting period, the team attempts to pull together a course of action…


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