Echoes in Darkness

What's Mined is Mine (pt 1)
Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is getting there...

What’s Mined is Mine (pt 1 & 2) – The game begins

First, a little background about my personal situation

So, the game begins. Our PCs, Hat, Ravanis Junei, and Xavier Pinbury are all either previously acquainted with each other during their service careers before this time, or have heard of at least some of the others – again, through things happening in their service careers. Xavier, not long after mustering out of the Scout Service, was approached by the Benthic Industrial Group (“High Pressure is our High Passion!”) to take on a mission to Gath, a world in the Dominion/Imperium neutral zone where he had some experience, to get Benthic’s mine operational again. Cameron Clark, the BIG representative, explained that the natives had simply gone on strike, refusing to work or to allow anyone else into the mines. Xavier took on the job, and began putting his team together…

What's Mined is Mine (pt 3)
Our trip takes on a decidedly corporate and militant turn

October 14th, 2011

We have now boarded the ship Svyezhyeye Myaso and are on our way to the first jump point on our way to Gath. It is looking to be a good trip, hopefully uneventful, unlike our last hop. The ship is slightly larger than the luxury liner that we were on, weighing in at 600 tons this cargo vessel is 50% larger.

Just receiving a message from Alexandra Volkov, Xavier Pinbury is in good spirits. The note congratulates Xavier on Mustering out informs him that she is in sector handling negotiations with…

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What's Mined is Mine (pt 4)
Planetfall At Last!

After a brief re-fueling stop at a BIG station halfway through our trip, our vessel finally arrives at Gath. As a matter of corporate policy to prevent any “unauthorized” technology transfers from occurring, the ship docks at an orbiting supply station rather than landing on the surface. Only sub-light shuttles are allowed to land on the surface. The corporate security group and the internal audit group leave ahead of us, each group leaving on a separate shuttle. We leave with Chuck Finley on a smaller shuttle,taking with us all our possessions (including our large pack of mining equipment), heading to the primary spaceport on the planet.

When we arrive at the spaceport, we end up with two surprises…

What's Mined is Mine (pt 5.1)
"...and then we went camping."

As our intrepid adventurers make their way back to the compound, their vacation plans on Gath have changed significantly. No more thoughts of waterslides, expensive dinners, and crazy nights about town with exotic Gathy women. Many cultures value the concept of a vehicle without a roof, but few value a rear window blown out by a high-powered gauss rifle…

What's mined is mine 5.2

The room they entered was trashed. What wasn’t broken or smashed appeared to be burned. The building itself was 6 stories, and the party decided that further investigation was probably prudent. Examining the front door from the inside revealed a silver disc attached to the interior; nobody in the group knew what it was, but logic dictated that they didn’t want to trip whatever it was.

Electricity in the building was spotty, and as the group approached the stairs, they decided to leave the unlit basement for another time and examined the other floors. While rummaging through one of the offices, Ravenous discovered…

On the Way to the Brotherhood

The merchant vessel we boarded continues on its way out of the Imperium toward the Brotherhood of Knives. Hat continues to recover from his wounds, while Rav and Khuil work off their passage debt. In his spare time, Rav works at sharpening his investigative skills, in the hopes of be able to unravel the mysteries of situation like the on encountered on Gath. Khuil also prepares for a repeat of Gath on a some-what different basis, by boning up on heavy weapon usage. Rav and Khuil notice that the regular crew of the ship are remarkably close-mouthed. Thus, one night at dinner, Khuil and Rav are left with only one person to talk to, another passenger named Phineas. Rav exchanges news with Phineas, and learns that Phineas is heading out to the Brotherhood to open his own company. Rav asks Phineas to keep an ear open for jobs for the group, since the group has a collection of skills that many independent businessman would find useful. The two exchange contact information. Khuil continues to plot Hat’s demise…

Here Snipey Snipe Snipe! Oh f$%K that thing is real!

Khuil searched through the ship looking for the last morsel of squirrel he had stashed in the sleeping quarters of the vessel. Yet all that he was finding were empty canisters that smelled so delicious which made him search even more furiously. There… a scratching noise…. he peered down the hallway of the ship and caught a glimpse of a moving furry object. His Aslan hunting instincts kicked in and he stalked it down the hallway. Suddenly it spots him and bolts in the direction of the galley he thinks “Poor decision my little friend your fate was destined for the soup pot.” As he turns the corner following his prey he suddenly steps into a sticky residue. Khuil starts to feel his skin and fur burn…

Brief overview of the session - SNIPES

After the Battle of the Nameless Farm had concluded, attention turned to the mysterious stasis unit in the barn that had been the object of so much speculation. What was inside? Sinister alien life forms? Contraband? Illegal weapons destined to be used in rebellion against the Imperium?

After careful examination of the controls and read outs, the truth was discovered: the so-called ‘bovine’ stasis unit in fact contained…

Hobnobbin' with the Rich and Famous
Our brave party makes a foray into high society! How will it go?

As planned, the party made a visit to “The Mall”, the main meeting place of the planet’s rich and powerful. Thanks to Hat’s TAS connections, the party arrives in style with a limo and security detail. The party entered the “Mall” which, from the outside, appear to be an unremarkable, if large, grey industrial building. The external looks, however belie the interior…


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