Echoes in Darkness

What's Mined is Mine (pt 3)

Our trip takes on a decidedly corporate and militant turn

October 14th, 2011

We have now boarded the ship Svyezhyeye Myaso and are on our way to the first jump point on our way to Gath. It is looking to be a good trip, hopefully uneventful, unlike our last hop. The ship is slightly larger than the luxury liner that we were on, weighing in at 600 tons this cargo vessel is 50% larger.

Just receiving a message from Alexandra Volkov, Xavier Pinbury is in good spirits. The note congratulates Xavier on Mustering out informs him that she is in sector handling negotiations with… the Brotherhood of the Knives. Xavier sends a quick note back letting her know his destination and a detailed description of the scenario on Gath. Xavier requests any additional info or help that she deems might help. Xavier promises to meet up after the mission on Gath, if circumstances and mortality allow.

Upon arrival on the ship we notice 2 groups of people… all seem to be young and fit… one faction wearing Blue shirts and the others Black shirts. We deduce that the Blue shirts are Corporate Security and the Black Shirts are the “Internal Audit” division.

Hat decides to engage the groups in conversation, but he is unsuccessful as the passengers do not know what to make of his unusual garb and manner. Since Hat’s attempts at socialization has failed and now driven him to his berth; with this new found time, he is determined to find out a bit more about the Red Data Chip and Orange Data Chip in his possession. The Orange chip has already caused a reformat of his hardware, thus we believe it to be a virus of some sort. He solicits the help of the ship’s Comm officer, Frank Delgato. He request the wireless be disabled so he could run the program in isolation. Hat attempts to probe into the Red chip and decides to run the program. His hand-held computer hiccups and otherwise looks fine, though a bit slow. He again asks the Comm officer for assistance, this time with diagnostics. Frank agrees and takes Hat to his “Lab”. Frank runs diagnostics on Hat’s handheld after disabling all communications on the equipment. This diagnostic attempt seems to infect the equipment and Frank informs Hat to destroy his hand-held as he will have to do the same to the equipment to get rid of the infection. Though this is costly, Frank is able to tell Hat that this program seems to be designed to target certain signals… and it looks like mining equipment is the target. Hat compensates Frank generously (2000 Credits) for his trouble. After this endeavor Hat has to retire to recharge – his hat that is… as it is showing low battery life.

Xavier chooses to find and report the incident on the previous ship. He searches out the person in charge of the Black Shirts. The Black Shirts did turn out to be security and Xavier develops a slight rapport with Jeff Molchaniye, the Captain of the Black Shirts. After recounting the tale to Jeff, Xavier let Jeff see the obtained onboard the other ship. Jeff identified the energy rifle as a Aslan weapon (male due to its simple nature). He tells Xavier that he will get further instructions from the mine foreman Jason Thumbrill. He rattles off some general info on the 33 years old mine foreman, but concludes with the summary that his management skills are Brutish at best and from the reports Jason seems to be in Jeff’s words “an idiot”.

After a brief consult with the other party members where Xavier recounts his encounter with the Black Shirts and Hat describes what he learned with consulting the ship’s comm officer, Ravanis Junei decides to make contact with the Blue Shirts. (Need Clarification… How much did Hat disclosed to the group about what he found in Chuck’s personal effects… i.e., communications… as this will affect how we handle information disclosed to Chuck)?

After introductions between the Blue Shirts and Ravanis, swapping of corporate / military backgrounds and a random hunger joke at Ravanis’ expense; he makes the acquaintance of James Biercroft. James gives us confirmation on some background info that we previously obtained and let us know that if there was anything that he could help our group with, let him know. He confirms the assessment of Jason (mine foreman) by Jeff.

We have plans to meet up with Chuck and discuss some of the findings and how that may impact our approach. Then, after our consult with Chucky come to a consensus on a game plan and identify any resources or contacts necessary and assign duties based upon ability. (These last three tasks can probably be accomplished within the online forums)


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