“Snipes” is the colloquial name associated with this strange race of aliens. Originally encountered in xxxxxxx by the first party, these horrific creatures apparently spawn by infesting meat with some generative agent, and allowing their ultimate prey to eat the tainted fare. Some days later, the unfortunate infected will feel quite full, then the Snipe will pull itself out of the creature’s mouth using its horrible tentacles, in a process that generally kills the original host.

Snipes are of uncertain intelligence – originally, they appeared quite insectile, but have since been observed using guns and rocket launchers. They are also somehow spreading throughout the area. Originally introduced to the capital of the Brotherhood of Knives, Athame, by Khuil, they have since been spotted in half a dozen systems.

Snipes are not believed to be indigenous to xxxxxxxx, but their actual origin is as yet unknown.


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